Coated Glazing Installation

Monolithic Glass has 2 surfaces, with surface 1 being the external surface and surface 2 being the internal surface i.e. Surface 1 to is glazed to the outside

SolarShield and SolarVueTM Laminated Safety Glass

The coating is applied to surface 3. Therefore the coated side sticker will be applied to surface 1, and hence the coated side is glazed to the outside. The tinted colour is always glazed to the outside.

Laminated Safety Glass has 4 surfaces, with surface 1 being the external surface, surface 2 & 3 are facing the vinyl, and surface 4 being the internal surface i.e. Surface 1 is glazed to the outside

Low E Monolithic and Laminated Safety Glass

The coated side of a Laminated Low E product should never be on surface 2 or 3, as this affects the performance of the Low E coating. The Low E coating should be on surface 2 for Monolithic Glass and on surface 4 for Laminated Safety Glass, and hence the coated side should always be glazed to the inside.